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How Great Photos Sell Your Activity - Experience photography

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Providing high-quality images for your activity is the best way to engage, inform, and convert a potential customer. Studies utilizing the latest eye-tracking technology and product-testing results make it clear that people are drawn to images. Not only are they often the first thing that catches the eye, they are also easy to process, remember, and recall.

Photos can have an immediate impact on how travel shoppers judge your product. High-quality images serve to legitimize a product, giving it a professional, purposeful quality. In short, high-quality images equate to a high-quality product in the consumer’s mind.

Images also offer the visual ability to answer questions that product descriptions simply cannot. High-quality photos provide consumers with the visual information that makes it possible for them to make an educated decision about their purchase.

Perhaps most importantly though, images can offer a vital emotional connection to your activity. Emotions are personal and persuasive; they can remain with a person long after the words have faded and they can influence behavior. Checkout the Hatta things to do page images what Arabiers team used to help the travelers and find out how they used 

What should my images show?

Try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. In doing so, you’ll probably discover that seeing people enjoying your activity is a great way to begin the purchase “conversation.”  Again, make the emotional component the focus of your engagement. When a customer sees another person having fun on your tour or attraction, it allows them to visualize themselves having the same experience. This is called immersive imagery, and the majority of your photos should feature this component.

You can also supplement immersive images with one or two factual photos, pictures that accurately capture what the customer may encounter during the activity. Landmarks, points of interest, and specific modes of transportation all fall under this category. In general, the image set you submit should balance the message with the mood. Checkout the things to do in liwa guide produced by Arabiers, checkout how they have used the images 

This said, think twice before buying or submitting stock images. Stock images are better than no images, but more often than not, they are used to try to manufacture emotions. Your customers will sense the inauthenticity and will not be engaged. There are also often legal restrictions around the submission and use of stock photos.

Don’t feel like you need to compose or commission great photographic masterpieces for your activity. All you need to do is capture the experience of people enjoying a tour of your vineyard or the thrill of a rock climbing excursion. So activities planet team has got digital camera to capture the experience of people& produce in such a way to have decent photography.

If you want more quality the activities planet team will hire professional photography and product company to do that.