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Infographics for Inbound Tour Operators - Activities Planet

Infographics for Inbound Tour Operators

Just imagine how much tours and activities information is generated on a daily & doing business online is getting harder. It is very easy for your content to get lost in the jungle – which makes it doubly hard for targeted customers to find you. What you need is something that can really grab your targeted audiences’ attention and you can do so by presenting Infographics.

This highly graphical visualization tool is an innovative way of displaying content that can attract the attention of your targeted audiences and be easily understood and digested by them. Instead of telling them your story using scrolls of words, you present your message using visual tools combined with innovative design elements that will truly give your audience an awesome visual experience. Checkout Arabiers insider guide about Abu Dhabi Shore excursions 

If you’re struggling with your content marketing efforts and are generating little or no relevant traffic that will convert into bookers, then you need to greatly consider using Infographics as part of your digital marketing. There is just one simple rule to remember, and that is to give your targeted audiences a great sense of value, and the following will tell you that Infographics should indeed be part of your content marketing campaigns.

1. Infographics Can Easily Catch Your Targeted Audiences’ Attention

Humans are visual creatures and because of this people are easily attracted to visual elements that attract their attention. People need the “optic nerve” activated in order to process the more than 90% of information that comes into one’s mind, and all these are visual information. If words fail to capture the attention and imagination of your audiences, then perhaps visual elements like Infographics can do the job better.

If combined with well-written text, Infographics can be a very powerful tool to help your activity content cut through the information jungle and into your travelers’ brains. Humans naturally love facts, figures, stats and other graphical elements and if compelling enough, the information in your Infographics can really capture their attention.

2. Infographics Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Infographics are designed to include relevant information about the creators which usually include the logo, website address, email or even contact information. This is truly a very effective way to increase your brand awareness and if used properly can easily increase your traffic by at least 15-20%, as what some of our clients have experienced in their campaigns. Infographics goes beyond merely “telling” people about what your brand, tours & services are – it “shows” them with visual content which is far more effective than mere paragraphs of text.  

3. Infographics Can Make Your Content Really Go Viral

The main characteristic of Infographics is compelling visual content that are really attractive to many travelers so much, that most would want to share the same through their own networks and circles of influences. The result would be visual content that can really go viral as more people like and likewise share the Infographic through their social media channels.  

4. Infographics Can Increase Your Search Marketing Results

As Infographics go viral, the highly beneficial impact such occurrences can bring to a particular business is better search marketing results. Infographics not only are designed with your contact information, sharing or embedding the material in social media or other online channels can generate important backlinks to you. This is true if your Infographic gets syndicated and used by other websites for their content, which they can do so as long as they link back to the source – you, so the link building can be for free from powerful sites.

The results are an abundance of inbound links that can really boost your search rankings. You can make this better even more by adding highly targeted keywords as part of the title, description and meta information of your Infographic. This can give your Infographic higher chances of appearing as a relevant image or resource in search results. This can go really well for your business as up to 60% of travelers will have the most probability of contacting your activity business if they see your images, in this case an Infographic, as a relevant source for their needs.

Infographics can Help You Increase Your Subscribers and Followers

The power of visual content can really be witnessed just by making a quick glance at your Facebook newsfeeds and walls. Notice that interesting pictures, and this includes really well-created Infographics, generate more likes, comments and shares than any ordinary text updates. This can be a very effective way of generating more subscribers and followers to your social media pages, reaching an even broader audience reach each time your Infographic gets shared.

This can open the doors to better interaction or engagement with travelers, which can make people more aware of your brand, tours or services – and eventually convert them into paying guests.  

6. Infographics Can Expand Beyond Digital Marketing

The popularity of the visual format found in Infographics can make it go beyond online marketing and be applied to print materials, brochures, and other offline tools that we will still use as part of our overall marketing campaign. Many of our clients have done so and have reaped amazing results, just like what Demand base established when they integrated Infographics into their offline marketing campaigns like slide presentations.  

7. Infographics Positions You as an Expert tour operator

To present content in an easily to understand manner, Infographics make use of tables, graphs, charts and other relevant information. This signifies the amount of research the creator poured in to produce the content they need. This will highlight how knowledgeable the publisher is in this particular subject matter – and establishes the creator as an expert in this field. This will increase your online credibility and reputation as a business owner who has a key grasp of the concepts and relevant information in a particular niche. It’s one the major point in web psychology