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Google Adwords Management Services - Activities Planet


We Can Help You Grow Your Activity Business

We are a Certified Google Ads (AdWords) management agency at Activities Planet and we are based in Abu Dhabi and we are going to run and manage your tour companies Google pay per click advertising campaign. We are going to place adverts in front of people when they use the search engine to search for activities and tours that they can book. People spend most of their time online reading and watch what interests them and they are many ways that you can get to your customers even if they are not searching for it. We are going to get to your customers through shopping ads, display ads, mobile phone apps, adverts on YouTube and many more. An advertising plan is going to be put together by our team of experts which is going to fit your budget and objectives.

Google Adwords help many tour operators

The Middle East is tourist hotspots and many tourists book their tours through the company website and online tour agencies like Expedia, Viator and to get a guide. Many Online Travel Agents put their financial resources in Adwords experts who are going to create a successful Adwords campaign for them and this makes them rank higher than a local supplier, individual, and this also makes them make a higher return on their investment. It is going to take a lot of times to make an Adwords campaign profitable as a tour and activity provider and this is mainly due to the fact that you pay per click on Adwords and if you get a click it does not mean that it will convert the visitor to a customer. You are going to be in need of an expert that has knowledge about tourist product and also the techniques of Google Adwords marketing and this is where we come in. We have tours guide, destination experts and Google AdWords certified professional in our team which will bring together ads that are meaningful and which is going to bring you bookings.

Type of Google AdWords Ads

Google Search Ads

The Google Ads can be displayed on top, below and right-hand side of the search results.

Running PPC campaigns includes:

  • Searching for the right keywords that the traveler search to book for tours.
  • Writing of persuasive ad copy that will interest the tourist.
  • Creation of landing pages which the tourist can visit after clicking.
  • Managing of the price that you pay for a click.
  • Making sure that you get the most out of your budget.
  • Making sure that we make sales or conversions.

Display Ads

All the websites that people do go to spend their time on are included in the Google Display Network and while people are watching or reading topics that catch their fancy, these websites are going to bring on adverts or videos for them. Example of display network is hobby and lifestyle websites, newspaper, and so on.

Video Ads

YouTube is owned by Google and our team is going to help create, manage and run video ads as well as the display network. This is one of the best methods that can be used to let people know about a product and also to help them know more about your website and these video ads can be displayed in various length and sizes based on the area that it is placed. We can also help to make tour video campaign or use the video adverts that you are using before.

App Ads

In case you want to make your own app so as to make sales on tour activities and also to promote them, you can make use of Universal App adverts. Making ads for your app will also make people get interested in seeing and installing your app on their phone.


Our team is also going to bring more traffic to your website by displaying adverts to people that have visited your website by also showing them the adverts on Google Display Network. We are going to use google modern tools for this remarketing and this is going to help the tourist that is searching for a specific tour come back on your site to do so.
Here is what makes Activities Planet Adwords management service different.

1 We are going to use our common sense to bring bookings to you from the ads that we make.

We Target the right audience.

We are going to determine the groups of people that are going to likely book your tours and activities, for example, if your company is running a kayaking tour in Dubai, you will try not to target senior citizens that are just coming to Hatta for the weekend but you are going to target energetic, young, and athletic people who have an interest in trying out kayaking.

Set the right bids.

We are also going to decide the maximum price that you should pay for pay per click for your ads and then hopes that this is going to bring in the sales target without having to go over your budget.

Implement an SEO strategy

This is going to help in converting the clicks you have into sales because a click is nothing if it cannot be converted into booking, this means we have to make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

If this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is.

The large OTAs spend most of their time and their resources with Adwords specialists and they reap benefits from this as the OTAs buy clicks and also bring tourists to their website which brings conversion because several tourists book their tours and activities and this is going to affect you as you will pay huge commissions and will also lose direct bookings and customers. The OTAs will then come and work with you and they will give you commission rates of 30-35% which will make them make more bucks which you should be making while they will just be reselling your products.

2 We write the best practices but we don’t follow them.

At our company, we are going to create our own ad pattern instead of us following other tour operator’s pattern of making ads. We always ensure that we make the practices that are best for your business which will make sales activities from your customers directly.

3 We work only for tour operators by providing Google Adwords management service.

  • Auditing and management of Adwords on a day-day basis.
  • Using persuasive methods for our Remarketing campaigns.
  • We provide a great landing page with conversion optimization.
  • Adwords scripting solutions

4 We are going to build a landing page which is trusted and socially validated.

Tourists need to be able to find some trust signals which is going to help them book a tour and we must ensure that we provide this so that they can see that we are reliable and trustworthy as providing validity and trust is a must for the users. So we are going to incorporate any legal certifications to show that your business is having and we will also show feedbacks from your previous customers so that the new customers can be persuaded to book tours with you instead of going to your competitor.

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