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Activities Content Writing Services - Activities Planet

Activities Content Writing Services Craft Great Content to Make Your Products Shine& Sell

Activities planet team very carefully will create Activities Content without losing the SEO advantages of content writing as well providing the right information to web visitors. The inclusion, exclusion, the itinerary must be the exact same of what tour you are providing

Activities planet will use a standard process to gather all information and then start producing Activities Content. Sitting down to tackle the “words” you need to use to get your activities online can be daunting.  That’s why we use a standard process to make your content look shine and that help you to generate more sales.

Our primary goal with all of the content that goes into your site is to make sure the customer understands enough to Book the tour& Get to the tour. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself what they might need to know—Can my kids come for free? Can grandma come in her wheelchair? How will I find out when I’m getting picked up? What time do I need to be ready? What do I need to bring? Will we get lunch? What happens if it rains? Where exactly do I need to go to meet my guide, and how will I know who they are once I get there? Every tour is different, but think about the questions you get asked most often, and then tell us to make content for your site as a way to give customers all of that information in advance, so they never even have to ask.

Once sections like Things to Know, and Inclusions and Exclusions are covered, it’s time to tackle what we call tour description—the places where you get to be creative, paint a picture for the customer, and communicate all the wonderful things involved in the experience of participating in your activity.  Also making time to time itinerary will help the customers to plan their trip easily. Checkout Arabiers tours pages about Liwa where the activities content been published in a right way 

There are 3 main things we consider when we producing the activity content


We talk a lot about voice and style, but, ultimately, the most important objective for our content is that it be clear. Itineraries should be explicit, and it should be obvious how you get from one place to the next, what your guide does, what you see, and what you get. Laying out all the essential components of an activity is priority one; adding personality and experiential detail follows. If a customer doesn’t really understand what’s happening, they’re not going to invest much time or energy in trying to figure it out—and they’re certainly not going to book. The biggest way to make your content compelling is to make sure that it doesn’t leave any room for ambiguity, misinterpretation, or confusion.

Factual accuracy

We can’t emphasize this one enough. Things like misspelled or incorrect place names are pretty common, but giving wrong information about tours give the room for people to make bad reviews. It’s important maintain the online reputation & easy way to do that is keep your information on point and up to date.

SEO Friendly

One day after having many clicks and many good factors a good content will rank in Google. So in order to rank in google we need to do SEO friendly content

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